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With registered capital of $54 million, Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optical Communication Ltd. was established in 1995. It is a new high-tech enterprise founded via joint investment of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan, and Jiangsu Telecom Industry Group Co. Ltd.. It has a history of near 30 years in the optical communication industry.



  • GCYFTY-288
  • Module cable
  • GYDGZA53-600
  • Gel-Free Armored cable 432 fibers
  • ADSS-24

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  • FRP and KFRP——The central reinforcements of the leather cable

    FRP, fiber-reinforced composite plastic, is a commonly used center reinforcement for outdoor fiber optic cables; Nowadays, cables are more and more widely used, and cables use FRP as center reinforcements in addition to using KFRP as center reinforcements. FRP (Glass Fiber) has the following prop...

  • How to install fiber optic cable?

    Fiber optic cables, also known as fiber optic cables, are an important component of modern telecommunications and networking systems. They are made from one or more transparent fibers encapsulated in a protective layer and are designed to transmit data using optical signals. Fujikura optical cabl...

  • Revolutionizing Data Transmission: The Latest Innovation in Optical Cable Technology

    As the demand for high-speed data communications continues to soar, the fiber optic cable industry remains at the forefront of innovation. Fiber optic cables, also known as fiber optic cables, use light rather than electrical signals to transmit data, providing faster and more secure communicatio...