Electronic Cable- All-dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable(ADSS) Wasin Fujikura

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► FRP central strength member

► Loose tube stranded

► PE sheath all- dielectric self-supporting aerial cable

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► FRP central strength member
► Loose tube stranded
► PE sheath all- dielectric self-supporting aerial cable


► Application :The actual status of overhead power lines
► Installation: Upon application condition; Self-supporting aerial
► Operating Temperature: -40~+70°C


► All section water blocking provided reliable performance of moisture-proof and water block.
► Special filling gel filled loose tubes provide perfect optical fiber protection.
► High young's modulus fiber reinforced plastic(FRP)as central strength member.
► To make the cable self-supporting, it contains strength elements made of aramid yams or glass yams.
► No fiber tensile strain in severe climatic condition.
► Special PE/AT(anti-tracking) outer sheath suitable for installation in induced voltage fields.
► Strict craft and raw material contral enable lifespan over 30 years.
► The cable technology parameters and such as fiber count, weather, span can be designed according to the project's requirement.
► For the actual status of overhead power lines and the load on pole and towers suspension point, AT outer sheath is applied.
► The largest span is up to 1200m.


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